You what? Preserved a fish in Resin?

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Not a real one silly.  A tiny 1/2 inch plastic fish, yes!  I've been experimenting with preserving random items in resin!  The possibilities are endless!  Come on, let's get those creative juices flowing... just say it out loud, I know you're thinking of something specific you want to preserve for eternity...

I currently only own relatively flat molds, nothing with some real space to drown something big in resin but lately my fancy has been on miniatures.  There is a whole other world out there of miniatures.  Little is not the word, but miniature because we're talking less than an inch in size.  I bet the company who makes these tiny items has to screen for employees with 20/20 vision.  There is also a term, "1:12", which indicates One-Twelfth (did you know there is an F in the word twelfth?... Weird) scale or 1 inch to 12 inches in scale. If you had a hamster and the miniature hamster was 1:12 scale it would mean the miniature hamster is 1/12 the size of a real hamster.  I bet they didn't make one of those for Queen Mary's dollhouse in the 1920's when use of 1:12 became widely popular.

In a world today where you think you've seen it all, this concept gives me hope!  All you have to do is type resin craft ideas in google to see all the crazy things people are creatively doing with resin these days.  Flash drives, cutting boards, beads, jewelry, paper weights.  Ok, now the last one perplexes me.  Who uses paper anymore?  People don't kill trees just so you can use your new resin paper weight.

Why though?  Why resin?

Resin offers someone the chance to create a physical item using molds.  AND we can make our own molds easily at home!  Show offs withe 3D printers, go check yourself.  You can add your own special colors, using your bad artistic self (I said ARTISTIC).  Now, Michaels's is even selling a machine to make molds! Prior to 2003, nobody would've imagined that we would be able to create our own stencils or stickers on a machine called the Cricut IN OUR OWN HOME!  Now a mold machine?  What's next?  What. Is. Next.  I wonder...

Here are some ideas and where to find them at a good price!

Mini Star Fish

Preserved Flowers  More

Miniature Food Items

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