5 Ways To Reduce Bubbles When Using Epoxy

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Bubbles Schmubbles!  The science of it all is when chemical A is mixed with chemical B, a chemical reaction begins to occur. Once the bond has been made and the product begins to cure, the bubbles are no longer removable.  It is important that the bubbles are removed at the right time. 

5 easy ways to remove or reduce bubbles, all I’ve found to be effective, are:

1. Giving your epoxy a soak in warm water prior to using will help.
2. When mixing your epoxy, stir gently, but thoroughly. Epoxy should be stirred for at least 1.5 minutes. 
3. Using plastic or silicone stir sticks instead of wooden can also help reduce bubbles and are re-usable so safer for the environment.  I bought these STIR STICKS off Amazon and love them.  This particular brand is reasonably priced.
4. Using heat once epoxy has been poured into mold. I’ve used a blow dryer, heat gun and a blow torch. Just be careful, especially when using a blow dryer pier, that you don’t blow the Epoxy out of the mold. 
My hubby bought me this bubble removing tool for Christmas.  It hangs conveniently on my craft cart and I love it!  
5. Lastly, to get those pesky bubbles that just want to bubble to surface 10 minutes later, you can use a squirt or two of 70% isopropyl alcohol. This will especially take care of those pesky little bubbles that come to the surface and congregate together in one little pile. One or two squirts will suffice. I have also used Denatured alcohol. This works good as well. You can find denatured alcohol in the automotive section in a can that looks like an oil can. The 70% isopropyl alcohol can be found in the first aid section of your pharmacy and you can find a plastic squirt bottle cheap at dollar tree or Wal-mart.


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