Halloween Decorations - Which type of decorator are you? Ideas for Carnival, Zombie, Vampire and Mad Scientists Themed Parties

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If your reading this you may like Halloween as much as I do! But what kind of decorator are you? 

1. the non-decorator - one word “BORING!” Ok and maybe “uptight”? 

2. the happy pumpkin decorator - this person has little orange and green pumpkin signs in their front yard with happy positive phrases designed to bring cheer to all. 

3. the follower - this person just buys the Halloween decorations they see at the grocery store because it’s convenient and cheap. Last minute shopper or has repeated the same decorations for over 10 years. 

4. the fancy decorator- this person buys big bows and makes floral arrangements that match their decor. Everything is glamorous. 

5. the DIY’er decorator - this person is inventive and creative. Halloween starts in August. Social media and dollar tree are their best friends. 

6. the realist decorator - this person understands that Halloween is supposed to be scary. Scary is memorable. The bloodier the better. Faux cockroaches coming out of the vents, over the top!

Nothing wrong with any of these except #1. 

What am I? 

Depends… if I’m having a party, definitely #6 and I’m not just having one party, I’m having several. One for each kids crowd or club, one adult for friends, one for neighbors and one for my bunco group! why not? If I’m going through that much trouble everyone is going to enjoy it!

If I’m not up for a party I’m a mix between #4 and #5. I usually pick 1-2 DIY’s and purchase some knickknacks from the store. 

I am a realist though. You’ll never find any happy pumpkins at my house. Since I had to make a clay pumpkin in 6th grade I’ve thought traditional Halloween decor was cheesy and overdone. 

Not only is Halloween a free pass to dress weirdly, slutty or how ever the f_ck you want, it is a chance to also decorate in the same way. 

I spent years collecting a few scary pieces I bought after Halloween on sale at Halloween stores with 4 themes: 1. Carnival 2. Zombie 3. Vampire 4. Mad Scientist Laboratory. The rest was just pure creativeness and done very cheaply. 

If you’re having a party or just LOVE Halloween, read on for some tips and tricks on decorating for these 4 themes!  

1. CARNIVAL, imagine..

  • Red and white Streamers covering the ceiling, joined at one point in the center of the room.
  • Big cardboard boxes, painted with red and white stripes, cut up, jagged edges and placed over your walls. Maybe a light or 2 behind them. 
  • More cardboard to make eyes, and a big red mouth over your front door that your guests have to step into to enter the house. 
  • More cardboard, create a ticket booth out front with more stripes and a “tickets here” sign. 
  • Fill your front yard with custom signs staked into the ground, “Enter at your own risk”, “Clowns ahead”, “Killer Dog Clown” with your dogs kennel and fake bones inside.
  • Serving up carnival food will win everyone over! A candy buffet will surely go over well.
  • If your party is kid friendly include some traditional carnival games! Or a bloody clown piñata! Don’t worry about scaring them, they’ll eventually get over the trauma. 
  • If your budget permits, rent a cotton candy machine and popcorn machine! 
  • Blow up some balloons and splatter them with fake blood. 
  • Grab some old sheets and splatter them with blood and use them as tablecloths. 

ZOMBIE, imagine…

  • Buy a paper map and make it appear as though an apocalypse is occurring, a little fake blood smear never hurts. Use terms like base of operations, zone, infected.
  • Fill your front yard obnoxiously with signs, “Zombie Kill Zone”
  • Buy brown craft paper in a big role and make generic painted signs everywhere like “Save the Dogs!”, “Safe Zone”, over one door “Infected do not enter”. You get the idea. The messier the better. Put a sign on your cabinets that says “Rations1” Rations2, etc then put an X through all but one. 
  • Throw leaves everywhere. Don’t worry about the mess, they clean up.
  • If you have some old wooden boards, nail them over your windows. 
  • Blood smears from the visitors whose brains were chewed on the day before by zombies. 
  • Everything’s green… the plates, the napkins, the cups! Green candles, foggers with green lights behind them - a cool MF’in effect. 
  • A cheap decoration are zombie posters! Or apocalypse survival posters. 
  • Send your invites in a specimen bag. Dangerous, hazardous materials!
  • You HAVE to serve BRAIN frosting cupcakes!
  • Affix green chem lights to your fan blades within 30 minutes before your party begins.

VAMPIRE, imagine…

  • Red shiny fabric (velour) draped over all your furniture or tables
  • Buy some faux black roses or colored and spray paint them black and hang them from your chandeliers. 
  • Floating candles (Google Harry Potter Floating Candles DIY)
  • Give out wax vampire teeth.
  • Replace all your photos in the house with printouts of famous vampires. 
  • Black streamers and black balloons.
  • Serve a red drink and label it B-
  • Send your invites in blood vials! 
  • If your handy a cool coffin would be a hit!
  • Hang some garlic knots around the house.

Mad Scientist Laboratory, imagine…

  • Specimen jar overload! You can use printouts in jars with water or real objects. Dolls even. Body parts even better. Add a touch of red food coloring and fill them with water. Put tea lights behind them to further the effect. Dollar Tree has a fine collection of different size jars and containers! Fill those puppies with eyeballs and different color food coloring. Mix it up. The weirder the better, you are MAD after all.
  • On the wall, using some black light pens/paint, write a few gory formulas or hypothesis on the wall. Light those puppies up with some black lights. Don’t go cheap on these, you won’t regret it. I bought these off amazon and they were amazing and totally worth it! 
  • Don’t forget to display your impressive collection of butcher knives on the wall. Some of them may still be bloody from the body you cut up the night before. 
  • Don’t forget your bloody lab coat, if you know someone with a cricut, have them make you a stencil to iron on that says Dr. (fill in the blank). Swirly eyeglasses and crazy hair will add to your costume. 
  • Serve fingers and label your drinks with specimen A or drink at your own risk or Toxic. 
  • Put your invites in plastic test tubes! 
  • And for added CRAZY, add some neon slinky’s to the ceiling, some neon balloons, spider webs, etc they will all glow fantastically with your black lights! 

Don’t be afraid to go all out. Remove all your wall/home decor to make your impact statement more memorable. And faux cockroaches coming out of your bathroom vents down your walls will surely delight your guests for any themed party! Most of all, your not getting any younger so have fun! 

If you do have a party and take any if my advice, please please please send me pictures! 

Mrs. Summers

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